I want to Read an Open office excel file(.ods File) and need to fetch record row by row. Is there any method where i can use the data line by line and print it to the file that i have already created.

Java Code:
public static void ReadOds(File f1)
	Writer output = null;
	int i=1;
    Sheet sheet;
         try {
			sheet = SpreadSheet.createFromFile(f1).getSheet(0);
				int nColCount = sheet.getColumnCount();
				int nRowCount = sheet.getRowCount();
				System.out.println("Rows :"+nRowCount);
				System.out.println("Cols :"+nColCount);
				MutableCell cell = null;
            for(int nRowIndex = 0; nRowIndex < nRowCount; nRowIndex++)
                    cell=sheet.getCellAt(i, nRowIndex);
		   System.out.print(cell.getValue()+ "");
I want to write the cell.getValue() into Files. Like first row into first File, 2nd Row into 2nd file and So on.....
please suggest me the way how can i make this simple and how to find the array size dynamically if my data is huge.

Thanks In Advance......