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    Default Have no Idea why this class is not working

    I have to create a file for a program for school, and this is the last thing I have to do for my final program to work, but it is not working for some reason can someone spot the error. The lines that are getting errors are 11,12, and 16.

    Java Code:
    import java.util.*;
    import javax.swing.JOptionPane;
     * @author Julie
    public class SaveF {
        final Formatter s;
        s = new Formatter("C:\\data\\inventory.dat");
         JOptionPane.showMessageDialog(null, "You have created a file","File Created", JOptionPane.PLAIN_MESSAGE);
        }//end of try
        catch (Exception e){
          JOptionPane.showMessageDialog(null, "Error in save file!","ERROR",JOptionPane.ERROR_MESSAGE);
        }//end catch
    }//end SaveF

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    Hello, Julie, thank you for using code tags and supplying which lines generate the errors, however; before I get into the details of the code, would you mind posting the exact errors?(post them in code tags please)

    Would you also mind providing the end goal of this snippet? Why are you using formatter exactly? It seems like it has something to do with a file.
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    I figured it out, but thanks for the help. I forgot to add public static void and it worked like a charm.

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