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    Default Developing in Java...

    My knowledge of programming is very very little, so try to look at this from my perspective if you can.

    I've been learning Java inside an IDE called Jcreator. I've written, compiled, and ran several simple programs.

    They're all very newby programs that use system.out.println for output and scanner/ for input. Some of them use joptionpane however, but that's all I know.

    So anyway, I have no idea how "real" Java programs are written. I've googled this way too many times, but I can't find an answer that I understand, so I thought I would ask it here.

    I know how to create a jar file through the command prompt, set the manifest file, and execute it using the "java jar" command.

    Even then, nothing will happen, since there is no command prompt. What happens to all the "System.out" messages?
    Only popups from joptionpane show up, which is good. But what exactly is going on here?

    And also, say that I created a program that is very useful and I would like to distribute it to other people. How do I do that? Do I just give them the jar file and say, "Just go to the command prompt, set the environment variables, cd to the right directory, and run this command?" Of course not!

    So does this work? lol...

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    You can make your program a gui program and send all the pertinent information there. You can also tell the people how to run a jar file from cmd. The problem is, you want your program to be simple for end-users, the easier it is for them, the better. So having a gui display results will definitely be helpful. I suggest you read some more books to learn more about programming in java.

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