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    Question what is runtime classpath and what is designtime classpath?

    When I was reading this tutorial about Hibernate I see this:
    Save that file with the name hibernate.cfg.xml, and put it on both your runtime and designtime classpath. People always shove it on their design-time classpath, and then it never gets picked up at runtime, and they get errors stating that the environment can't find the hiberante.cfg.xml file. For me, I'm just creating a simple folder named _mycode off the root of C:\ and I'm placing the file right in there. I will reference this location at both runtime and design time.
    The author has provided a solution but I do want to know WHAT IS the runtime classpath and WHAT IS the designtime classpath in Java?

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    This sounds more like a convention of the development tool environment. Java on its own usually has a classpath, which is set from command line parameters or environment variables when the Java virtual machine is started up.

    In this case, the eclipse IDE has a run configuration to specify the things that should get used on the normal run of the application, and the option to have different things for design mode.

    Where in design mode, we might want to have different or additional things, such as debuggers, or in the case of a database, instead of developing the application against a real database, to use an embedded or a mock database that simulates the effect of a real database just for testing the pieces of the application. All of this support and testing kind of things that might be handy for developing the application, but would not be used to run the application in its real environment when it is later deployed.

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