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Thread: Newbie to Java.

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    Exclamation Newbie to Java.

    Hi Guys,

    I am currently working on pl/sql domain. But I am very much interested in learning Java/J2EE and build my career in java with pl/sql knowledge.
    The problem is, I do not know where to start. I would like your suggestions.
    Should I start it from reading a book or Should I join some institute.
    If so plz suggest me a book for beginners or an institute in Bangalore.

    Waiting for your valuable replies.

    Thanks a ton!

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    Education can usually help, but unless you're motivated enough to learn it first, it will never sink in properly.

    Start with books, online tutorials, and most importantly, the official Java SE 6 Javadocs. (Google for that one.)

    I'd suggest starting WITHOUT an IDE (that is, simply use notepad or a programmer's tool like Notepad++, along with the default javac compiler). Once you're comfortable with the language (made several applets/applications and are comfortable working through them yourself) then you can begin to move into IDEs and more specialized tools.

    If you come across specific questions, this is the place to ask! (Just don't come along and say things like, "I have this program I want to make; how do I do it?" We want to make sure you put in some effort too!)

    Best of luck.

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    Some stuff to add onto zacks post -- I Suggest to tutorials, as will quite a few others. Don't limit yourself to just one book, if you are motivated, reading multiple books can be helpful. Here are a few books I like to recommend, not all of which are java related.

    head first java - great book, breaks everything down incredibly well for a beginner and has a broad range of coverage, it hits on almost everything. Some of the more advanced concepts are only briefly mentioned

    Thinking in java - not a highly recommended book by me, at times it feels like someone who is explaining what he knows as if you already knew it. However, I have it on here because it does cover almost everything with a few exceptional chapters. It gives you some good things examples and explanations and is quite thorough. It just may be a bit hard to read for a beginner

    Htdp - not java, this is a book on a language called dr scheme which is a dialect of lisp, however; this is the first programming book I ever read and it was amazing. It really relies on recursion, after reading this book you will have a strong understanding of recursion. It's definitely worth a read, and it's available for free online at

    Accelerated c++ - as the name implies this is a c++ book, it also assumes some basic knowledge of a c++ like language, however; it is quite a well written book with a lot of coverage of topics many other c++ books don't really focus on

    C++ without fear - again, a c++ book, if you don't want to learn c++ that's fine but it's definitely a fun language. This book is extremely beginner oriented, it goes over the absolute basics and some of the more detailed stuff. I read this before my first java book and it made java that much easier to learn.

    Java software solutions - I am reading this book currently, it's seems very good fromwhat I have read. Lots of coverage and lots of exercises after each chapter, which to me is a very good thing.

    Practical c++ programming - just finished this one the other day and I really enjoyed it, lots of good c++ coverage.

    That's all I can think of off the top of my head but there are many many excellent books to help you learn, always be sure to go to amazon and read some reviews of what people thought.

    Finally, if you want to get some decent practice, head to, lots of string manipulation practice there, as well as other topics(logic, arrays, recursion, etc)

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