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    Default Exception in thread main

    I keep getting this error message and don't know where to begin to fix it. Please help. The entire error says Exception in thread at java util.Formatter$FormatSpecifier at java.util.Formatter$FormatSpecifier.checkInteger(U nknown Source)
    at java.util.Formatter$FormatSpecifier.<init>(Unknown Source)
    at java.util.Formatter.parse(Unknown Source)
    at java.util.Formatter.format(Unknown Source)
    at Source)
    at Source)
    Here is the code:

    Java Code:
     * The AddressBookApp1 class implements an application that
     * simply prints address and charitable donations for 5 individuals
     * and terminates. If a negative value is entered, the user is 
     * prompted to enter a positive value.
    class AddressBookApp1 {
    	// main method begins program execution
        	public static void main(String[] args) {
            //create scanner to obtain input from command window
    	java.util.Scanner input = new java.util.Scanner (;
    	String name; 	// Donor's name
    	String address;	// Donor's address
    	String city;	// City where donor lives
    	String state;	// State where donor lives
    	int zipcode;	// Zipcode of owner's address
    	int numDonat;	// Number of donations
    	int amtDonat;	// Dollar amount of donations
    	int nameCounter;// Number of names to be entered
    	double total;	// Total amount of donations this year
    	// initialization phase
    	name = "Name"; 
    	address = "Address";
    	city = "City";
    	state = "State";
    	zipcode = 0;
    	nameCounter = 1;
    	total = 0;
    	amtDonat = 0;
    	numDonat = 0;
    	// processing phase
    	for (nameCounter = 1; nameCounter <= 5; ++nameCounter) // loop 5 times
    	   System.out.print ("Enter the donor's name:"); //prompt
    	   name = input.nextLine(); // read donor's name from user input
      	   System.out.print ("Enter donor's address:"); //prompt
               address = input.nextLine(); // read address from user input
               System.out.print ("Enter donor's city:"); //prompt
               city = input.nextLine(); // read city from user input
    	   System.out.print ("Enter donor's state:"); // prompt
    	   state = input.nextLine(); // read state from user input
    	   System.out.print ("Enter donor's zipcode:"); //prompt
    	   zipcode = input.nextInt(); // read zipcode from user input
    	   System.out.print ("Enter the number of donations this year:"); //prompt
    	   numDonat= input.nextInt(); // read number of donations from user input
    		if (amtDonat <= -1)
    		   System.out.print ("Number must be positive. Please re-enter:"); 
    	   	   System.out.print ("Enter dollar amount of donations:"); 
    	           amtDonat= input.nextInt(); // read donation amount from user input
    		if (numDonat<= -1)
    		   System.out.print ("Amount must be positive. Please re-enter:"); //prompt
    	   System.out.print ("The donor, whose name is"+ name);
    	   System.out.print ("and resides at"+ address);
    	   System.out.print ("in the city of"+ city);
    	   System.out.print ("in the state of"+ state);
    	   System.out.print ("with a zipcode of"+ zipcode);
    	   System.out.print ("has donated $"+ total);
    	   System.out.println ("this year!");
    	   total = amtDonat * numDonat;
    	} //end for
    	} // end main method
    } // end class AddressBookApp1

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    Which line throws the exception? And does it get thrown immediately? Or after some input?

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    The error didn't come from that code. Post the actual code you were running when you got the error.


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