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    Default Tower Defense problems

    I am making a simple (the most advanced things I know are 'while' loops and basic recursion, and I've only got 2 weeks to do the project) tower defense for a computer science final project. I've got most of it down, but I'm having several problems which I would appreciate help with.
    1: how can I determine a range (max distance in a circle where the tower can pick a target to fire at) for my towers?
    2: how can I make the Projectile class fired by the towers track and move toward the target creep passed to it by the creating tower?
    3: how can I make the Projectile class detect when it is close enough to a creep to damage it and control itself?

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    Honestly, you're probably biting off more than you can chew. You've basically asked "how do I write this game?", which we can't really answer.
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