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    Default How can I place two JButtons in the middle of the JFrame?

    Can someone advice me on how to insert to JButtons with pictures in the middle of the screen?

    Also, how can i completely cover a JButton with an Image?

    I would like pseudocode advice or code examples. Thank you.

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    To give a JButton an image, create a BufferedImage with your image in it ( can do this for you), then create an ImageIcon from the BufferedImage, and then set the JButton's icon with your ImageIcon:

    Java Code:
    BufferedImage myImage ="myImages/image01.jpg");
    ImageIcon icon = new ImageIcon(myImage);
    JButton myButton = new JButton(icon);
    To have two buttons in the middle of a GUI will require using layout managers. To learn how to use these, please look here: Laying Out Components in a Container

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    To completely cover the button with the image you can also add:

    Java Code:
    button.setBorderPainted( false );

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