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    Default How can I copy values 'only' to LinkedList/ArrayList?

    So I have been struggling with it for a long time, I started to realize Java may not be the best text processor in the world. ( should have used perl in the begining?) But I already have tons of programs in Java and its not worth moving.

    The question is, I am trying to get some statistical results on two parallel articles in two languages. I want a 2-D list, rows are the words appear in the first article, columns are the corresponding possible translations of the word in second article.

    I used LinkedList<linkedList<String>> for the 2-D List. What bothers me is that I always get the problem that only the pointers were copied, so as I modify the values, all the entries in the 2-D List become identical.

    Is there a way in LinkedList, that I can add values to LinkedList, and copy values from LinkedList? So that I can modify each variable without interfering other variables?

    Thank you all in advance.

    Java Code:
    // Desired 2-D list;
    LinkedList<LinkedList<String>> stats_w = new LinkedList<LinkedList<String>>();
    // temp list that adds entries to stats_w 
    LinkedList<String> temp_w = new LinkedList<String>;
    // this reads the input file
    String temp = in.readLine(); 
    String []temps = temp.split(" ");
    	int find_same = 0; // sort of boolean, indicates if duplicated entry found.
    	temps = temp.split(" ");
    	for(i = 0; i<stats_w.size(); i++){ // see if the entry exists
    		temp_w = stats_w.get(i);
    		//  ???  I believe this part is the problem, because every time I update temp_w, the stats_w gets updated too. 
    		if (temps[0]== ((String)temp_w.get(0)) ){
    			find_same =1;
    		// ???  because I need to use temp_w again, I want to clear it. However, stats_w is cleared too.
    		// ??? Can I just add like this? does it add a new entry or it only adds the pointer?
    	temp = in.readLine();
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    Simply change
    Java Code:
    Java Code:
    temp_w = new LinkedList<String>();
    its faster anyway.

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    Thanks masijade it works fine, also save the trouble of copying back and forth.

    Java Code:
    LinkedList<String> temp = new LinkedList<String>();
    loop: from i = 0 to size of AListofList;
       temp = AListofList[i];
       edit temp; // which updates AListofList[i];
       temp = new LinkedList<String>();

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