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    Question strings into arrays


    im trying to create a class that

    takes entered input ie student name

    and adds it to an array

    the prompts "name added"

    Below is what i have

    What is arraylist how does it work?:eek:

    public class AddStudent {

    * @param args the command line arguments
    public static void main(String args[])
    Scanner newStudent = new Scanner (;

    System.out.println("Please enter student name:"); //prompt for input
    String studentName = newStudent.nextLine(); // read line of input
    System.out.println(); //displays blank line
    System.out.println( studentName); //displays student name
    System.out.printf("has been successfully enrolled! \n");//states string


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    An arraylist is a list with an underlying array to hold it's elements. It resizes automatically, allowing you to add and remove items without worrying about going out of bounds. Check out the tutorials and API for more information on them. To declare and initialize an arraylist of strings you do this
    Java Code:
    ArrayList<String> strings = new ArrayList<String>();

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    Quote Originally Posted by minusten View Post
    What is arraylist how does it work?:eek:
    In case if you are interested : Java Tip - ArrayList

    Have a look at the API as well for various methods and details : ArrayList API

    Hope that helps,

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