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    Unhappy javac not being recongnized

    I was following this tutorial until in the command prompt I typed "javac" then received this error "'javac' is not recognized as a internal or external command, operable program or batch file."
    Why am I getting this message?? and how do I fix it? btw i don't even know what this so called "javac" is.


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    I'm not sure what the tutorial was. But check out the one in Oracle's Tutorial.

    In particular there is a page of Common Problems (and their solutions). Yours is number one on the list.

    The reference they make to the installation instructions is this, I think. Scroll down to "4. Update the PATH variable (Optional)".

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    btw i don't even know what this so called "javac" is.
    javac is the Java Compiler program which converts your java code into java bytecode (.class file) so that it can be run in the Java Runtime Environment

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