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    Default new in java.. :o

    Given that an array, someInt of size 30 as shown below, design program(s) using pseudo :

    22 35 -23 40 82 -5 62 15 56 …… 78 90 -8 55 87 98 85 77 84

    (a) Create a new array and transfer the data from someInt to your new array. When you transfer the data,
    you have to make sure that if the data is multiple of 5, transfer it directly; if the data is multiple of 3,
    but not multiple of 5, make it a multiple-of-5 number and then transfer it to the new array.
    (b) Using proper iteration construct to read the numbers from array someInt above, if a number is
    negative, make it positive and restore back to the array.
    (c) Calculate the total value of the numbers in the array created in part (a) and print the total value.
    (d) Using iteration construct to print the numbers in the position of 1, 9, 25 of array created in part (a).
    (e) Reverse the sequence of the numbers in the array created in part (a), without creating any additional

    how to solve this? :( :( :( :(:o this homework need to write in paper only.. :(
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