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    Question Phrase Meaning

    I've worked with some simpler programming languages before, and Java's syntax is very similar. Functions like simple if thens and loops I understand perfectly. My main issue is finding a decent place to learn the meanings of the language's phrases. Here's just random clippings so you know what I'm babbling about. String getName() static void random things like that.

    So what's a good place to learn these things?

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    Language basics will explain static void etc.
    Lesson: Language Basics (The Java™ Tutorials > Learning the Java Language)

    As for String, just look for the docs in a search engine. Typing "java String" in google brings up this:

    Its the documentation for the String object as defined by Java SE version 5.

    Look down the list for the methods you can use with String.

    getName() is a function name, the () is a give-away.
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