Hi, I had personal lessons teaching me PHP for many months, and after many months, I still didn't get it. I think it might have been that I was not as motivated as I am now (I am now really motivated:D) , and the teachers were TERRIBLE, but anyway here are my questions.

Once I know Java, is jsp easier to learn than php? I see a lot more resources for php learning on the net, and w3schools.com does not include jsp for some reason,, but I am less eager to learn PHP because of my BAD experience. Does Java have any similarity to jsp or is it very different?

Is there any benefit of learning one or the other, I read that php is better in that it is supported by almost everyone. Well, if I cannot find enough tutorials on jsp, I may have no choice but to study php again but try harder, or learn Java and then maybe that will make learning php less difficult and less painful. I am inspired to learn Java but for php, nope.

Any help greatly appreciated. thank you. Derek:D