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    Default Android Development Newbie

    You may have seen me post a few days ago but I've come back with a different approach and that is developing for Android as I decided I would try last year, so... I've learnt some of Java but very very little in order to start
    developing with Android at this website here >> The Java™ Tutorials.
    I've only got up to Learning the Java Language>Objects and Classes>
    Declaring Methods on the site. I have also watched many other Android
    tutorials but can't seem to even write a basic application (other than
    following a tutorial or a simple "Hello World" app). I would just like
    to know if any one started of like and could share how they started
    off or anyone who can give me a solid start as I have been looking at
    doing this since mid last year. I know that I need practice but how
    when I can't write an app!? Anyway all help is very much

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    I haven't gotten into android app development so I can't say how hard it is, however; I do feel it would be beneficial to get a strong understanding of all the basics before moving on. I believe I posted on a post of yours recently. Was it an introduction post I responded to where I suggested Head First Java?

    Learning the core in depth before moving onto android is really just my opinion, I am sure that you can easily learn with a start in android. Hopefully others can give you more advice.

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    Thanks sunde887! And yeah you did help me on another thread!!

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