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    Default HTML and CSS with Java-and what is Java for?

    Do you have to know a lot of HTML and CSS with Java? I heard that Java is not for desktop apps, and was wondering what Java is for please? I don't know what kind of applications java makes. Java is in demand for work I know that, but that is all I know. Please any help greatly appreciated. Is Java used like PHP is used? I did not like PHP. Thank you.
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    Do you mean Java... or JavaScript?

    JavaScript is commonly used with HTML and CSS to create dynamic webpages (you know, images that change when hovered over, or the way that Facebook loads content dynamically, etc.). PHP is similar but works from the server to generate content, where as JavaScript works only in the client.

    Java is completely different. It is used to develop applets, servlets, and applications (which can run as desktop applications; they need the JRE, or Java Runtime Environment, installed to work, however).

    You can read about JavaScript here: JavaScript - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    And if you want to learn about JavaScript, try a JavaScript forum. (This one is for Java.)

    You can read about Java here: Java (programming language) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Good luck!

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