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    Default Need help with loop!!

    Hi my tutor set me a task to complete, basically i need my program here to loop back to the optionSelected part of my code, i know how to write to it counts the vote ect, i just need to know how to loop the whole sequence so it doesn't just close when a user votes for a team....

    Java Code:
    import Barnfield.Dialogs;
    class VoteSystem {
    	public static void main (String args[]) {
    		int optionSelected;
    		double total;
    		Vote question1 = new Vote();
    		Vote question2 = new Vote();
    		question2.setQuestion("Bayern Munich");
    		Vote question3 = new Vote();
    		Vote question4 = new Vote();
    		optionSelected = Dialogs.integerInput("Select: \n 1: View \n 2: Vote \n 3:Exit");
    		if (optionSelected > 3){
    			Dialogs.errorMessage("You entered a wrong number");
    		if (optionSelected == 1){
    			Dialogs.outputMessage("The current score is ");
    		if (optionSelected == 2){
    			optionSelected = Dialogs.integerInput("Enter a number for the following answers: \n 1: Arsenal \n 2: Bayern Munich \n 3: Chelsea \n 4: Fenebarche");
    		if (optionSelected == 1)
    			Dialogs.outputMessage("You Voted For :" + " " + question1.getQuestion());
    		if (optionSelected == 2)
    			Dialogs.outputMessage("You Voted For :" + " " + question2.getQuestion());
    		if (optionSelected == 3)
    			Dialogs.outputMessage("You Voted For :" + " " + question3.getQuestion());
    		if (optionSelected == 4)
    			Dialogs.outputMessage("You Voted For :" + " " + question4.getQuestion());
    		if (optionSelected > 4){
    			Dialogs.errorMessage("You entered a wrong number");
    		if (optionSelected == 3){
    			Dialogs.outputMessage("Program Closing");
    Many Thanks Chris

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    Do you understand the three types of loops? Do ... While, while, and for.

    Do while ensures that the loop body is performed at least once
    Java Code:
      Something fun
    }while(condition is true);
    While is good for looping x times, where x is unknown
    Java Code:
    while(condition is true){
      Do something less fun
    A for loop is good for doing something x times, where x is known
    Java Code:
    for(int i = 0; condition is true; i++){
      Do something more fun
    The oracle tutorials have more detailed explanations of all three. Which loop you need is upmto what you want, all three loops can function the same way.
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    I dont understand them fully, i just need a starting point, i don't understand that when option 2 is selected and the user votes for a team how to return back to the main menu to select option 1 to view the score?

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