Hello. I'm new to this site and new to java. Hope someone can help me....

I'm developing an image 'login system'. The idea here is that a person uploads an image to the server, and from there, the server extracts a hidden username/password from the picture, compares it to the database and authorizes access.

But i'm new, and looking at everything, i doubt i can develop that. *sighs*. Way, way to complex... But i'll use it as my learning experience.

So here's my question, Right now, i'm having a lot of trouble in the 'registration' process. The user will enter their username/password/email And will pick an image file to upload to the server.
So i will need to send 3 strings, and 1 image to server.

How do i go about performing this? have the client have 4 sockets, one that sends each data, while the server listens to the 4 sockets and record the data?

Right now, i'll need to solve this before moving on..

Thank you for reading. Hope you guys can help.