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    Default generics

    I'm just not sure if I got right...

    if I write add method that look like this :
    add (<? extends E> e)
    each element in my collection could be from a different type (all of them extends E type (or from E itself)). right?

    now if I write remove method that looks like this :
    remove(Collection<?>) it won't be accept my collection because this is requires that all the elements in the given collection will be from the same type. am I right?

    will this be acceptable instead?
    remove(Collection<? extends E>)

    thank you

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    Refer the Book SCJP by Kathy Sierra in chaper 7 page no 618 to 622.
    (Living @ Virtual World)

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    I suggest you also check out the oracle tutorials.
    Lesson: Generics (The Java™ Tutorials > Learning the Java Language)

    As far as I know, however; remove(Collection<?>) will remove the collection, where ? is the type in the collection. Since you can load a collection with any type that extends E, removing a collection works fine as remove(Collection<?>).

    I am, however; not especially experienced with generics. The tutorials will definitely provide you with a lot of useful information, and examples to illustrate everything.

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