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    Default Prerequisite advice needed

    I'm starting a beginning Java course in a couple of months. In the mean time, what should I study to prepare me for it (HTML, etc.)? Thanks.
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    If you aren't familiar with Object Oriented Programming, I would dive into those concepts. Make sure you understand basic terms like object, class, method, field, constructor. Something that really helped me was to think of situations in life and apply programming concepts to them. I know it sounds like the nerdiest thing in the word but I really do think it helps.

    For example........think two people having dinner. What are some of the basic objects involved? People (people eating, waiter....), table, wine glass...etc. You can go on forever but lets keep it simple. So you create a people class. Inside that class you have fields that describe the objects that will be instantiated from that class (height, weight, eye color, hair color, name, sex, age......). Again you could go on forever so it is important to identify what properties are relevant to your situation. The people class will have methods inside of it. Methods are the actions (verbs) that the objects (nouns) can do. So our people class might have methods like talk, walk, eat...and so on. So for our dinner scenario, we would create as many people objects that we needed from the people class. Think about 2 people on a date. So we create 2 people objects using constructors and define their attributes (sex, age, name.....etc). After these objects are created, they can then interact with each other through methods.

    If you have any programming experience, you are probably wondering how all this looks in code. If you do a couple google searches, you will find sites that explain these terms and the basic code that is behind them. I think that it is really important to focus on learning the concepts over the coding at first. Programming is just solving problems logically. If you can design it, the syntax is usually the easier part.

    This was probably more than you were looking for but its Friday and I'm bored at work. If you have any questions, keep posting to this thread or send me a private message and I will try to answer them.

    Good luck!

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    Default Prerequisite to Java

    Hi there, I was in your situation two years ago. I took my first programing class in Java without any previous knowledge on programming.

    From your question I understand that you do not know the difference between HTML and JAVA. Java is an object oriented programming language. Meaning you can basically build any piece of software with it - from servers to user interface. HTML is a collection of tags that tell the browers how to display information.

    I will suggest to look at the following links.

    Intro to computer science with java

    HTML Tutorial

    General Knowledge on Web Servers

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