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    Default if statement help

    Well I have two quesions actually.

    PART 1

    What I am trying to get this program do is ask math three math questions. If the answer is right it will print out it is right and you will get one point or it will be wrong and get zero points. I have done that. However, when i try to declare a variable that is the total of the scores it says that the java program can't find the variables.
    Java Code:
    System.out.println("Enter an Integer:");
                 	int int1=keyboard.nextInt();
    	         System.out.println("Enter another Integer:");
    	         	int int2=keyboard.nextInt();
    	          System.out.println("Answer the following questions please.");
    	          	int guess1=keyboard.nextInt();
    	          			if (guess1==(int1*int2))
    	          				int score1= 1;
    	          				int score1= 0;
    	    	          	int guess2=keyboard.nextInt();
    	    	          			if (guess2==(int1/int2))
    	    	          				int score2= 1;
    	    	          				int score2= 0;
    	    	    	          	int guess3=keyboard.nextInt();
    	    	    	          			if (guess3==(int1%int2))
    	    	    	          				int score3= 1;
    	    	    	          				int score3= 0;
    	                  int total= score1+score2+score3;

    Part 2

    my second question is just what to set the if statement equal to so that it reads that the user has inputted nothing and just hit enter.

    Say for example

    if (stringOne= no input they just hit enter here)
    {System.out.println("you typed nothing");

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    Question 1- You're declaring the variables for each score inside each if statement, so they're only available inside their respective if blocks. Declare them (or just one score variable that you increment) outside of the if block.

    Question 2- What have you tried? What is keyboard? Is it a Scanner? Check out the API and experiment.
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