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    Default Creating a file is Holding up java.

    [EDIT]Never mind I have figured out the issue. Please delete.
    Is there any particular reason why this method (which creates a folder and sets a file name for a file i will use later on) is holding up my compiler. Is there anything i need to close like a Stream? It is not preceding to move forward with my program after creating the file.

    Java Code:
    public void createReq(){
    		Scanner scan = new Scanner(;
    		System.out.println("What would you like to name the folder to store your information?");
    		String directory = scan.nextLine();
    		File folderDir = new File(directory);
    			System.out.println("Sorry But you can't have Slash");
    		System.out.println("What would you like to name the file you will store the information into?");
    		file = new File(folderDir, scan.nextLine());
    			System.out.println("Folder Created Successfully");
    			System.out.println("[Error] Creating the file, Please try again.");
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