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    Default Calling classes from another class

    Hi all, new to this so firgive my ignorance,

    I have a class called DatabaseCheck that does most of my processing and am trying to call another class called SMSListen that I call that is supposed to listen for incoming serial port activity

    i call it as follows from my main class
    new SMSListen();

    it compiles fine and doesn't complain but not sure if it works. Is it possible to see the output of both classes i.e. all the System.out.println (blah blah..
    in the dos prompt command window from which i am running my main class??

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    Java Code:
    System.out.println(this); // print out for the object your are in
    Foo f = new Foo();
    System.out.println(f); // print out for the Foo object
    This relies on both classes having a meaningful toString method.

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