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    Default Linking nodes/adding node data

    I need to insert an element into a doubly linked node list. I'm confused, though, with generics.

    The method header I'm working with says public void insertBefore (E placeholder, E data)

    I'm supposed to insert a new element (data) into the position before an element searched for (placeholder).

    I understand how I would go about doing this if placeholder and data were declared as nodes, but I'm rather confused when they're generic E datatypes.

    pseudocode seems like something like this:
    create new Node new
    set new to currentNodes previous
    set new's next to placeholder
    set placeholder's previous to new

    ..something along those lines. Yet I can't quite figure out where to get started setting nodes to generic data types, since that doesn't allow use of .previous and .next ... =/

    this is all I have come up with, and ... yeah.

    Java Code:
        public void insertBefore (E placeholder, E data)
        	Node current = head;
        	Node previous = null;
        	Node temp = null
        	while (current != null && !current.containsData(placeholder))
                previous = current;
                current =;
    = temp;
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