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    Default Odesk jobs have too many requirements for a newbie

    Hi, my plan is to get jobs on with the following skills when I get good at them.

    Java language
    Spring - widely frameworks for JEE
    Hibernate - ORM tools.

    The problem is the job listings require a TON of knowledge in many different technologies. Does anyone know how to find just simple jobs on without having to know a thousand different technologies please? It is impossible to know that many things that are listed in the jobs, every job is a different list of obscure requirements. Any help GREATLY appreciated. thank you. Derek

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    Its not impossible, by requiring that much they limit employees to those who have spent a lot of time in the field. Maybe you should look at getting a job at something smaller, and then working your way up?

    I don't know anything about odesk, and honestly, unless somewhere on these forums works there I doubt they'll know much about the inner workings either.
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