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    Default Problems with sound in java and USB sound card

    Ok, I've been using java for a college software development class, and recently we have been doing some work with building an mp3 player. My problem is that the sound in java does not play correctly. I'm on ubuntu 10.10, and I have a laptop, but i'm using an external sound card (USB, because my built in sound doesn't sound very good). Problem is that java always plays sound though my laptops internal soundcard (even though ubuntu lists the internal sound as being off), so I hear sound from my little laptop speakers and not the speakers hooked up to my soundcard. I can get it to play though the soundcard by using the aoss program but its a pain to do this. I'm using alsa on my system with a USB soundcard, it works fine with other sound programs and music players, any ideas on how to fix this problem? I'm happy to provide any information that anyone needs or would find helpful. Thanks!

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    Problems with sound in Java and USB sound card - Stack Overflow

    Someone trying to help you on the other forum but you didn't reply to them because you're too busy crossposting

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