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Thread: Math average.

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    Default Math average.


    Im trying to calculate the average, but it discards the remainder.
    Have a look.

    //Reads a file, and gets the students name + 3 exam grades.
    //Then calculates the average grade.

    String name;
    int grade1;
    int grade2;
    int grade3;
    double average;

    name = TextIO.getln();

    grade1 = TextIO.getlnInt();

    grade2 = TextIO.getlnInt();

    grade3 = TextIO.getlnInt();

    average = (grade1+grade2+grade3)/3;

    System.out.printf("The average grade for %s was %1.2f", name, average);

    I've managed to work around it by just adding them up and dividing like this:

    average = (grade1+grade2+grade3);
    average = average / 3;
    With this i can display the correct value.

    I used jEdit, for my coding. And this is a question or "Test yourself" thingy from a book, and the solution uses the same code... so what did i do wrong ?
    HELP !
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    I figured it out :/ haha, sorry.
    I forgot to put 3.0.

    Durp !
    Nice forum by the way, maybe you guys will let me hang here in the newbie forums for a while ?

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    I don't think we could stop you from hanging here if you weren't. Though this community is free, and everyone is welcome.

    As long as you're not looking for a handout, questions are accepted here. From the looks of it, you won't have a problem asking questions here.
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