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    Default Bunu mu demek istediniz? bana yardımcı olurmusunuz neler yapmam gerekiyor Dinleyin Do

    In this experiment you are aimed to get familiar with Inheritance in Object Oriented Programing. You
    will execute defined commands that are taken from a command file and store the result to output
    file. Also you will read main data structures from a text file. While doing this you have to develop a
    Bank System.
    For this experiment you are expected to develop a simple bank system. A bank system can have
    branchs, which are related with banks, persons, cards, sub-cards, deposit accounts and checking
    accounts. Accounts will be defined on branches and they should belong to a single person, cards can
    be defined only on checking accounts. Sub-cards cannot be defined on another sub-card, so they
    should belong to a regular card. A regular card can have multiple sub-cards. Sub-cards are derived
    from regular cards for another person. Your application will take input commands from an input file
    and data fields from a data file. Full path of the input file and data file will be given as program
    argument. Your application prints the outputs of the commands into an output file. Names of these
    files will be given as argument in the following order: <data_file> <input_file> <output_file>. In other
    words your program will be executed as: java BankSystem <data_file ><input_file> <output_file>.

    Your application must have full Object Oriented Design and all your different data structures must be
    defined as a class in a remarkable design.
    You have to remember inheritance can help you while you are doing
    your design

    Do you need to do what helps me

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    Default trying to write

    eclipse trying to write

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    Ok... We don't write code for people here. If you ask a specific question you get a specific answer.

    It doesn't seem like English is your first language, so I'm going to be nice. If you write code out, and have problems with it. If you're not understanding how something works, or you are unsure about what you would do to accomplish something in your code. That's when you ask your question.

    If you write out some code and have questions on it, thats when we will help you.
    • Use [code][/code] tags when posting code. That way people don't want to stab their eyes out when trying to help you.
    • +Rep people for helpful posts.

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    As this thread is nothing more than a homework dump, I'm locking it. I invite the original poster to start another thread, but please show your work and ask a specific question rather than simply dumping your requirements in the forum without demonstrating an ounce of effort.

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