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    Unhappy How to set background color in User Interface?

    I'm making a name printer thing and this is the code I've been given for the method:

    public void drawNameTag(){
    String name = UI.askString("What name do you want on your tag?");
    UI.clearGraphics(); // clears the graphics pane
    UI.drawOval(200, 100, 200, 150); // draws the outline of a rectangle
    UI.drawString("Hi I'm", 120, 135); // puts the string near the top
    UI.drawString(name, 150, 180); // puts the name near the center

    How do I set the background color in the Oval?

    It must be something like:

    UI.setBackgroundColor( :confused:

    I've tried variations of that and it doesn't work


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    What is UI?

    I'd also like to point out that there is a drawRect method you can use instead of drawing an oval.

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    i think you can use fillOval instead of drawoval. takes the same parameters. at least you can in a canvas

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