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    Default Checking for forbidden words

    I'm trying to put together a method that check for predefined vars. If a user tries to use a predefined variable not mapping is supposed to take place.

    Method to check for predefined.
    Java Code:
       static boolean isVarAllowed()
          if(st.getWord() == "e" ||          //getWord() returns String 
             st.getWord() == "pi" ||
             st.getWord() == "sin" ||
             st.getWord() == "cos" ||
             st.getWord() == "log" ||
             st.getWord() == "exp" ||
             st.getWord() == "ans")
             return false; 
             return true;
    Java Code:
            if(isVarAllowed() == true)
                System.out.println("Test: It's mapping.");
                map.put(st.getWord(), new Double(res));
    The mapping works, but I can't get it do deny over mapping. As it is now I'm loosing stuff like pi if the user tries to save stuff in pi. I other words, all mappings are allowed now. Well, as I said, that's not what I what. :-/
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    Don't compare Strings for equality like that: use the equals() method. Also, why don't you use a simple Set that contains the forbidden words?

    Java Code:
    private static final Set<String> forbidden= new HashSet<String>() {{
    private isMappable(String word) {
       return !forbidden.contains(word);
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