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    Question Code written but cannot get it to add the total inventory amount and needs sorted

    Hi, I have written my code for my assignment and it compiles and runs, however, it doesn't display JUST the total of the inventory it displays all 5 totals again. I cannot figure out what I have done wrong, or could be I'm tired :eek:. Can someone please tell me what I am doing wrong? I also need to sort by product name but finally gave up on it and removed the code so I could at least get the total done.

    public class Laptop { //class name and attributes

    private String ItemNumber; //item # of product
    private String ProductName; //product name
    private double UnitsStock; //# of units in stock
    private double UnitPrice; //Price per unit
    private double InventoryValue; //The dollar value of the inventory in stock
    private double CalculateInventory; //The total value of all of the inventory in stock
    private double value;


    public Laptop(String item, String product, double units, double price) {
    ItemNumber = item;
    ProductName = product;
    UnitsStock = units;
    UnitPrice = price;

    } //end constructor

    //getter and setter methods for Laptop

    public void setItemNumber (String item) { //setter for item number
    this.ItemNumber = item;
    } //end setter item number

    public String getItemNumber() { //getter for item number
    return ItemNumber;
    } //end getter item number

    public void setProductName (String product) { //setter for product name
    this.ProductName = product;
    } //end setter product name

    public String getProductName() { //getter for product name
    return ProductName;
    } //end getter product name

    public void setUnitsStock (double units) { //setter for units in stock
    this.UnitsStock = units;
    } //end setter units in stock

    public double getUnitsStock() { //getter for units in stock
    return UnitsStock;
    } //end getter units in stock

    public void setUnitPrice (double price) { //setter for unit price
    this.UnitPrice = price;
    } //end setter unit price

    public double getUnitPrice() { //getter for unit price
    return UnitPrice;
    } //end getter for unit price

    //calculate inventory value

    public double getInventoryValue(){
    return UnitsStock * UnitPrice;

    }//end calculate inventory value

    public void setCalculateInventory (double value){
    this.CalculateInventory = value;

    public double getCalculateInventory(){
    double value = 0;
    for(int i = 0; i < 5; i++){
    value = getInventoryValue();
    return value;

    //end getter and setter methods for Laptop

    } //end class Laptop

    //begin main program

    import java.util.*;

    public class InventoryPart2 {

    public static void main (String args []){

    //instantiate Laptop array

    Laptop myLaptops[] = new Laptop[5];

    myLaptops[0] = new Laptop("0001", "Dell Inspiron 1545", 4, 549.99);
    myLaptops[1] = new Laptop("0002", "IBM Thinkpad R400", 6, 580.00);
    myLaptops[2] = new Laptop("0003", "HP Pavilion", 2, 679.99);
    myLaptops[3] = new Laptop("0004", "Sony Vaio C Series", 8, 899.99);
    myLaptops[4] = new Laptop("0005", "Apple MacBook Pro", 2, 1799.00);


    for (int i = 0; i < myLaptops.length; i++){

    System.out.println("Product Number: \t\t" + myLaptops[i].getItemNumber());
    System.out.println("Product Name: \t\t\t" + myLaptops[i].getProductName());
    System.out.println("Number of Units in Stock: \t" + myLaptops[i].getUnitsStock());
    System.out.printf("Price per Unit: \t\t$%.2f\n", + myLaptops[i].getUnitPrice());
    System.out.printf("Value of Inventory: \t\t$%.2f\n", + myLaptops[i].getInventoryValue());

    } // end output

    for (int i = 0; i < 5; i++){ //output total inventory value
    System.out.printf("Total Value of Inventory is: \t$%.2f\n", + myLaptops[i].getCalculateInventory());

    }//end output total inventory value

    } //end method main

    } //end class InventoryPart1

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    Please use code tags, indent, and delete your comments so we can easily read your code.

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    Default Sorry about that

    It was indented when I hit submit, oh well, I guess me posting is what it took for me to figure it out! I did it.

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    Yes indentation is deleted when you type plain words. If you use code tags like so: [ code ] code goes here [ /code ] (without the spaces between the brackets), all indentation will be restored.

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