Okay I think I have fixed what you are talking about, but now it says that it cannot find BuildPyramid, even though it is only a few lines away!

I am in my first week of programming, so I don't really know what scanners, string builders, etc. are, but I think I am getting closer. Thanks for all the help so far!

Java Code:
// This project should build a pyramid with a base of 14 blocks
// of block size 12 x 30 pixels. The pyramid should be centered in the screen.

package pleasework;
import acm.graphics.*;
import acm.program.*;

public class buildBricks extends GraphicsProgram {
    private final int BRICK_WIDTH = 30;
    private final int BRICK_HEIGHT = 12;
    private final int BRICKS_IN_BASE = 14;

    public static void main(String[] args) {
       BuildPyramids.run = new BuildPyramid();
        public void BuildPyramid() {

            int screenW = getHeight();
            for(int i=0;(i==BRICKS_IN_BASE - 1);i++) {

//starts a for loop that runs as many times as their are bricks in the base

                for(int j = 0; j > ((BRICKS_IN_BASE - 1) - i);j++) {
//for loop to create a line counting down from bricks in base to one

                    int blockPosition = screenW/14 + ((j/2) * BRICK_WIDTH);
                    int rowHeight = (BRICKS_IN_BASE * BRICK_HEIGHT) * (BRICK_HEIGHT * i);
                    GRect rect = new GRect(blockPosition,rowHeight,BRICK_WIDTH,BRICK_HEIGHT);
                    blockPosition = blockPosition + BRICK_WIDTH;