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    Default Returning Array Row

    I'm doing a Java assignment in which I make a method that reads in a 2d Array of int's in the header as well as a integer as to which row to print"public static int[] getRow(int[][] myArr2D, int rowNum)" I am to print the specific row that corresponds with that Int, so if the values for the 2d Array where,
    {7, -13, 22, 123},
    {5, 9, 0, -17},
    {44, 1, 22, 66},
    {12, 13, 14, 22};

    and the int rowNum was 3, it would return 44,1,22,66. I have been reading all over the web and cant seem to find any tutorials for this type of thing, I also have to do it the opposite way, Printing a column in another method, So if the colNum was 2 it would print -13,9,1,13 Any help would be great. Thank you

    **Edit** Also i forgot to mention that the row im returning has to be a new 1d array.
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    Do you know how to use arrays?
    I suggest you read up on them.

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    To clarify something that usually confuses new people when working with 2d arrays I offer this.

    A 2d array is merely a 1 d array where each element is another array.

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