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    Default Signals and slots in Java?


    Well I'm currently developing a database application with Java and here's what I need to do:
    let's say there's a tableView on form1 class and when I select an item in it, I want the class to somehow send a signal to a different class to execute a specific method. I kind of have found a way to write a listener for the table, but it can only execute a method inside a class, I need it to send some kind of a signal outside...

    I used to work with Qt C++ a little and it had such thing like signals and slots, where a class get's a signal connected to a slot(which is a normal method that has the ability to be called by a signal) and this way different classes could communicate if I remember right.

    So how do I do this in Java?

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    So you mean you just need to call a method in one class from another?

    Java Code:
    public class myClass {
       public void doSomething() {
           //do something
    public class myOtherClass {
        public void doTheSameThing() {

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