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    Exclamation Does UML's adequate for a novice ?

    Hello everyone, that's my first post here, In truth, I won a scholarship in Web-Applications-Development at New Horizon, the scholarship goes up to 6 months, (Making a long story short)I'm in a big mess, New Horizon Center made an awful change in the course's list, here's the items that we should've supposed to study one-after-one :

    -Fundamentals of the Java Programming Language <SL-110-SE6>
    -Java Programming Language (SL-275-SE6)
    -Object-Oriented Analysis and Design Using UML (OO-226-SE6)
    -Developing Applications With the Java SE Platform (SL-285-SE6)
    -Developing Applications for the Java EE Platform (FJ-310-EE5)
    -Web Component Development with Servlet and JSP Technologies (SL-314-EE5)
    -Web 2.0 and Java Web Site Development (DTH-314)
    -Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 - Level 1
    -Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 - Level 2
    -Windows SharePoint Services - Level 1 Building Collaborative Solutions with Team Web Sites

    Now they thought that having UML classes at first would work out for us, rather than having classes in Java Fundamentals, they just jumped to UML, however i and my classmates don't know a thing about Java fundamentals & OOP thoroughly, due to that UML's such a pain in the neck and kinda hard and boring, likewise there's a prerequisite before getting into UML that i and my classmates skills don't meet, the problem is we've already begun in UML 3 days ago, Do you think that i and my classmates must speak up and take actions immediately ?

    Any advice will be appreciated .
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    You could question the teachers, you may have to suck it up and just study harder though. Even if it is hard, challenge should help you learn.

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    The UML course should teach you how OO works, though, since it's based on that.
    I'd argue that it would give you (potentially) a better grounding in how to write the code later on.

    Of course that depends how it's all structured.

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