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    Default JAXBElement is a raw type message


    I am getting a warning "JAXBElement is a raw type. References to generic type JAXBElement<T> should be parameterized".

    I realizle that this a only a warning and that I can still run the code I would like to fix it. I have googled it but was unable to find information specificaly for the JAXBElement.

    Can anyone explian this msg to me?

    Java Code:
      for (Serializable wSerializable : myList) 
                	JAXBElement  element = (JAXBElement) wSerializable;

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    What is the type of JAXBElement. For example in your case,
    myList is of type JAXBElement. So you have used myList<JAXBelement> before this statement. Or you have used myList<T> and then named the JAXBElement class or what every with <T>.
    So similarly JAXBElement is of type what? thats what you have to put to eliminate the warning.

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