At my web site at Eric Home Page there is a Java program for checking ones monitor

It is written is procedural program, I was wondering if it was worth giving
it the old class inheritance, for example there is "Black raster". And
"Green crosshatch on black background", it seems hardly worth it to inherent
black raster and put green crosshatch on it, unless there was some very
detailed test pattern needed.

It have promised to tidy it up and send it to a TV service company so they
can put it on DVD and they can not only use their DVD to give their TV a
test pattern but with my patterns test & adjustments for CRT monitors for

I wonder what you people think? Many months have past since I made my
promise I must try and make it a early Christmas surprise

By the way the page at
Monitor test page
calls up another HTML page that calls up a java.class, I could post you code
if you like, I need the second HTML page so it sends the screen resolution to the java class

From Eric
I did post this to a java email group but never got a response, so I unsubscribed that email group and now joined this forum.