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    Default Using Booleans for equality?

    Working on a school project and our professor has supplied us with three classes. we are to implement a fourth class called "Sprite" using a specified UML.

    The UML part that I'm having trouble with looks like this:

    +equals(other : Sprite) : boolean

    how do i write this code? I know it needs to return a boolean, and I'm supposed to check if the sprite i have in my class equals the other sprite. I'm lost.

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    My question to you would be:
    Which part do you understand, which part not?
    But you give a rather complete description of the specs in the last line so what's the problem except being lost?

    - Do you understand the UML, what does it mean exactly?
    - Do you have an idea of what a sprite looks like, and what makes one sprite equal to an other?
    - Is the Java itself giving you trouble?
    - What code did you allready come up with?

    (In your next post try to answer all these questions first.)

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