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    Default How To Connet Between Two Classes

    I Have A Question
    I Feel It is Little Stupid :)
    But I wanna To Know It

    I wanna to know howa to connect between two classes
    I have 3 examples Iwanna To know How to do it please :(

    First example :

    I Have Class Student and Class Courses

    And the class Course need some variables of class Student ,How Can I Do that ???!!!

    Second Example :
    Also If i wanna to make a third class its name is grade class that connect between the course and student classes In other Words I wanna to make an object of class student and courses in the grade class But i wanna This object to be refrence for the both classes not A new one bcz I will Add values to both classes through that class

    Third Example:
    Last thing If i make class(Student ) and i want to make an array of that class at onther class(Department) What i should do ???

    HOpe U Understand me
    Im waiting for Ur Help
    THnx In Advance

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