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    Default Searching the XML string content using Regular Expression !!!!


    I'm having XML content as a string. I'm using W3C dom for getting values from the XML.

    I've a very large XML file with attributes, elements similar like below

    <bookDetails bookName="How to Learn English" bookAuthor="English Writer">
    <Chapter chapterName="From Alphabetes" chapterPage="23"/>
    <address>test address</address>
    <contact>test contact</contact>

    Currently I've written a method which accepts Root Element and searchable name to find the corresponding attribute or element and gets the value.

    The method will get the value from a element or an attribute matching the given name.

    I've used XPathAPI.selectNodeList to retrieve the value. I've used the below XPATH to check the given searchable name in both attribute and in element

    xpath = "//*[@" + inAttr + "]";
    xpathElement = "//" + inAttr + "/text()";

    NodeList nodelist = XPathAPI.selectNodeList(root, xpath);

    NodeList nodelist = XPathAPI.selectNodeList(root, xpathElement)

    Sample Input and Output as follows

    Input: bookName

    Output: How to Learn English

    Input: address

    Output: test address

    Input : C02 --> The element name has numeric character too

    Output: 10.5

    Problem: The XPATHAPI.selectNodeList() causes performance problem and it takes more time to search and gets the value.

    I've planned to use regular expression (Pattern, Matcher) to search and get the values from the XML string.

    Can anyone please let me know the regular expression with a code snippet to retrieve value either from a element or an attribute
    which matches the element or attribute name ????


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    Still cross posting after being told off earlier in
    and after saying
    Quote Originally Posted by j_kathiresan View Post
    Sorry about that. i'll make sure that i don't cross post the same matter.
    Searching the XML string content using Regular Expression (XML forum at JavaRanch)

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