i have an applet project in the project i am trying to create an applet,
applet draws a line
line is drawn from coordinates which are stored in mysql database.

in my other project which is web project which is created using tomcat servlets i added my applet project jar file and i embed that applet in to a jsp file.
when i run the web project my applet does not connect to the database and does not draw the line but if i give static values for the coordinates of the line in the applet it works fine.

the problem is in connectivity from applet to the mysql database.
p.s i have tested the code elsewhere weather the code connects to the database, which it does.
it only does not work when applet needs to connect to the database when its jar file is used.

i hope you understand what i mean

i have been stuck for a week now please somebody suggest me something

thank you very much