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    Default need help with thread pool

    i have a program that download's a webpage to a string, and makes some process to it.
    now i need to make a thread pool with 4 threads, that take all the hyperlinks from the original page, and does the same process, with 4 threads only.
    i'm really new to java, so i would appreciate detailed explanation.

    i've read few tutorials about executor class, but i cant seem to understand where to begin from.
    do i make the class that does all the work on the string as runnable, or do i make a new executor class??

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    You can proceed like this:
    1. Write thread class, which does your processing.
    2. Use Executors' class different apis (whichever suits your requirement best)
    3. Call execute method of the ExecutorService (returned by Executor in step 2 above).

    Java Code:
    ExecutorService servicePool = Executors.newCachedThreadPool();
    servicePool.execute(new Thread());

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