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    Default how to read a text delimited file using 2 dimentional array in java ??


    I am new to java programming.. I have to do a task where in i have to read a text delimeted file in an array.. For example.. If the file is as follows

    Name place Value
    adi goa 20
    shri mumbai 30
    riya bangalr 45

    I want it to be read in java so as to get an array[row][columns]
    This is something i am currently upto, but cant get any further.


    public class generateGML{
    public static void main(String[] argv)
    throws Exception{
    BufferedReader fh = new BufferedReader(new FileReader("miRTarbase.txt"));
    String s;
    while ((s=fh.readLine())!=null){
    String[] columns = s.split("\t");
    String name = columns[0];
    String place = columns[1];
    String value = columns[2];

    It reads columns,But I want it two dimentionally,as in something like matrix[row_num][column_num].

    Can anyone please suggest me..

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    use ArrayList because you don't know length of file / size of array required

    Java Code:
    java.util.List<String> textFile = new java.util.ArrayList<String>();
    while ((s=fh.readLine())!=null) {

    then copy to a 2 dimensional array now that you know the size
    Java Code:
    int rows = textFile.size();
    String[][] matrix = new String[][rows];
    //to retrieve element from ArrayList where 'i' is the index required like array[i]
    String col = textFile.get(i); //returns element
    String[] col = textFile.get(i).split("\t"); //returns processed element

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