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    Question Average of an array. Please help

    Have to write a method as a part of the program that calculates average age in each Bmi group('O','U','N') The class where ages are stored is displayed below. Totally stuck...

    //a class to keep data of an individual member

    public class Account
    { //the attributes
    private String accountName;
    public double height;
    public double weight;
    public int age;
    public double Bmiindex;
    public char Bmi;
    public char[] Bmicat = {'O','U','N'};

    public Account(String nameIn, double heightIn, double weightIn,int ageIn)//constructor
    accountName = nameIn;
    height = heightIn;//in meters(eg. 1.60)
    weight = weightIn;//in kilograms
    age = ageIn;
    Bmiindex = weight/(height*height);
    double pp=Bmiindex;
    double pt=Math.round(pp*100);
    System.out.println("Your BMI is : "+pt/100);
    //assigning BMI index to the appropriate category
    else if (Bmiindex<=20)
    else if(Bmiindex<25&&Bmiindex>20)
    //methods to read the atributes
    public String getaccountName()
    return accountName;
    public double getHeight()
    return height;
    public double getWeight()
    return weight;

    public int getAge()
    return age;
    public char getBmi()
    return Bmi;
    public double Bmiindex()
    return Bmiindex;
    public char[] getBmicat()
    return Bmicat;


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    use the same method but pass the different BMI groups as a parameter. then you can run the same method 3 times after to get the different results you need.

    Java Code:
    public double getAverageAge(String BMIgroup) {
    double totalAge = 0;
    double groupCount = 0;
        for (int i=0; i<BMIlist.size(); i++) {
            if (BMIlist.get(i).group == BMIgroup) {
                //we have a match
                totalAge += BMIlist.get(i).age;
                //count number of matches
    double averageAge = totalAge/groupCount;
    return averageAge;
    the above code assumes you've compiled your BMI data into a java.util.List<BMIObjects> to simplify your process

    then you would need to call the method for each group:

    Java Code:
    System.out.printf("The average age for BMI group O is %.2f %n",getAverageAge("O"));
    System.out.printf("The average age for BMI group U is %.2f %n",getAverageAge("U"));
    System.out.printf("The average age for BMI group N is %.2f %n",getAverageAge("N"));
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