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    Default how to store the instances of this file

    I have a file with a list of mixed instances and I need to collect all instances in some java structure (I was wondering if I should use a List of lists for this):

    File structure
    ID, other content...
    1, ...
    3, ...
    1, ...
    2, ...
    2, ...
    3, ...

    I need to store all rows starting with 1 in a List1, rows with 2 in List2 and so on..

    all those lists should be in one single list so I can iterate among them.

    I don't know in advance the amount of ids...
    Is is a good approach ?


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    Use a Map for that where the key values are the IDs and the value values are Lists of the lines from you file. a Map<Integer, List<String>> will do.

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