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    Default how to balance true and false instances per id ?

    I have a list of instances:

    2, true
    2, true
    3, false
    2, false
    2, false
    2, true
    1, true
    1, false

    And I need balance the true and false instances for each ID. Therefore, the example above would become:

    1, true
    1, false
    2, true
    2, true
    2, false
    2, false

    How can I code this ? Should I go through the list collecting all instance with id 1 count the true, count the false and if true>false delete (true-false) true instances and viceversa ?

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    so what you want to do is, count the instance of true and false, and whichever is greater becomes the result? but what about if they are 50:50 ?

    and you have 2 java.util.List objects? one for the ID and one for the boolean?

    what would be the purpose of storing the boolean values when they are of no further use to you? (since you mentioned you would like to delete them after the counting). why not increment a counter or decrement a counter in the first place?
    i.e. keep one instance of each ID 1,2,3, whenever there is a TRUE, don't copy a boolean, increment a counter ++, when there is a false, decrement.

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