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    Unhappy Adding integer to arraylist

    I declared an arrayList as:
    ArrayList al=new ArrayList();

    And then while trying to add an integer to it with following code


    the compiler is throwing an error::confused:
    Error: cannot resolve symbol
    symbol : method add (int)
    location: class java.util.ArrayList

    Here 'inputArray' is a two-dimensional array, 'index' is one-dimensional array and 'smallest' is an integer variable.

    Any help will be greatly appreciated.
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    An ArrayList can only carry Object type objects around. The generics compile time features allows you to specify what the actual (sub) type those objects are alllowed to have. Autoboxing (an unrelated feature) does the rest. If you change your ArrayList (the 'raw' List) to an ArrayList<Integer> you're in business.

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