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    Default I have no idea what I'm doing any more...
    Ok, I've got no idea what the hell is going on any more. I've attached the project in a zip file in the hope that someone can help me out. I'm having a problem with the package cm3063.cw1.
    The main method is in DrawFrame. Run it and see for yourself. I hope someone can help me out here...


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    Your post contains no information about the problem which can help us help you but rather is simply a code dump. A general rule that works well here is to put as much effort in asking your question as you would like a volunteer use in answering it. Please read the link in my signature below on "how to ask smart questions" as it will give you useful suggestions on just what information we need in order to begin to help you. Also consider creating and posting an SSCCE (please see the other signature link for more on this). If you can create and post a decent SSCCE, your chances of getting a quick and decent solution in these forums increases many fold. Luck.

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