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    Exclamation Program that truncates a number

    Hi am i new to java and i am trying to write this basic program with methods however it will not work and i am not sure why. and suggestions would be great thanks.

    A screenshot of the program/errors are here.

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    it is very difficult to follow code from a picture, especially a low resolution picture, so it would be appreciated if you would copy + paste the code here wrapped in [code] /code tags next time. anyhow, from the screenshot i did notice the error message you got:

    "java.lang.String cannot be applied to java.lang.Double"

    when you get any message like that it means you made a type-mismatch, which happens when the java compiler is expecting a variable to be of a certain type i.e. Double but it is fed with another type i.e. String.

    as an example, you cannot do the following:
    Java Code:
    String today = "25";
    Double tomorrow = today + 1;

    without first converting the String in question to a Double like this:
    Java Code:
    Double tomorrow = Double.parseDouble(today) + 1;

    the same works the other way around too, you cannot do the following:
    Java Code:

    because the function "println" only takes the type String, so you must first convert the double "tomorrow" back to a string like this:
    Java Code:

    hope this helps..
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