I have had a developer create me application in Java to run on my Macbook running Snow Leopard.

I have been letting the application run continuously and monitoring the output on the terminal to make sure it is doing as it should, and a couple of times a day it will just freeze. No error, text just stops appearing on the terminal.

Basically it interacts with the API of a betting exchange, scanning simultaneous events and placing bets when certain criteria are met. The developer has said he has experienced no freezes when testing it himself and cannot see any problems with the code, but is currently looking into the problem.

So what I am going to try to do from my side this weekend to try resolve this is:

1) Run the solution on an old windows PC for a day and see if the freeze occurs
2) Install and run JRE 1.5 instead of JRE 1.6 I have at the moment (suggested by developer), which I am having trouble doing at the moment but thatís another story.

Anybody have any other suggestion? Are there by any chance any known bugs when running Java on Snow Leopard? Long shot I know.

Thanks for your time